Friday, September 22, 2006

Alderley Edge - the myth exploded.
Alderley Edge isn't proper Cheshire, it's posh Manchester. Mancs who've made a few quid and who want to show that they've made it move to Alderley Edge. It's full of Lawyers, Accountants, Bankers and Footballers...need I say more. Honestly, it's the absolute pits. No one who was born in or has any respect for Cheshire would consider living there. Anyway it has an SK postcode and as eveyone knows proper Cheshire is found in a CW or a CH postcode, SK is almost Derbyshire and as for WA, don't even go there.
When I was much much younger I used to go to Alderley Edge and even aspire to it. I would go in to the shops and be treated to the most breathtaking displays of arrogance from shop assistants- think Pretty Woman- and snobbery that I've ever seen. Mind you, I only appreciate that with the benefit of hindsight. At the time I thought it was me that was wanting, not them. Now I have a whole theory regarding shop assistants that I might develop in a future blog (Just remind me, which one of us is earning the minimum wage?).
The Victoria Wine branch in Alderley Edge is reputed to sell the most Champagne in the UK. Do we think this is true or is this just propaganda put about by the PR company for Alderley Edge? That's the fundamental issue with this lot, they don't just want to be wealthy, they want you to know they're wealthy. In fact, that's almost the most important aspect of it. Never mind that you've got a 90% mortgage on your £2M house, just as long as you're driving the right car and carrying the right handbag, everything's OK.
Schools are another issue. I have a degree of insider knowledge about one of the schools there, and put it this way, if you want to turn out another generation of arrogant smartarse kids with no social responsibility then yay! pay the fees and feel good.
To get the real deal on Alderley Edge you should go to the Bar and Grill and/or The Braz and just people watch. Just sit and see who walks through and, more importantly, see how the staff treat the different people who come in. It makes me want to cry. The world is full of wankers who have completely skewed views on what's important.
My brother graduated this summer and he picked a restaurant for us all to go to for a celebration lunch, which was considered one of the best in his area (Not Cheshire). The staff were absolutely horrible.The BA and I (who go to lots of 'posh' places) were paying and I couldn't get over how bloody rude these people were. We spent over £300 on our lunch and because I think they perceived us as a 'student' family they made no effort at all to make us feel welcome, comfortable or special - just what makes one person's money worth less than anyone else's?
This is how Alderley Edge works, if you're in the clique it's fine but if you're not, prepare to be treated like you're an unwelcome guest at at private party.


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