Thursday, September 21, 2006

Having read an article in one of last week's sunday papers, I've now decided enough is enough and it's about time someone started standing up for all the 'normal' women who live in Cheshire. We're not all plastic people who spend their time shopping, going to the gym and having plastic surgery and we certainly don't all spend our husband's money - lots of us work hard to make our own.
If I describe my life to you, you'll probably hate me because on the face of it I've got it all, great house, nice car, lovely husband and three fantastic kids. We holiday in the South of France and we've got ponies in the paddock but I am COMPLETELY NORMAL. I do my own washing, I shop at Asda and I'm always just this side of solvent. I go out without makeup, I shout at my kids and I'd be the right weight if I was another six inches taller.
I'm going to attempt to keep a kind of online diary about my life in Cheshire and the kind of people I meet. I live on the outskirts of one of the less chavvy Cheshire Villages so if you're expecting an insider view of the Braz or to hear that I know a man who once did Victoria Beckham's hair extensions, you'll be disappointed.
I am however very rarely short of an opinion on most subjects so I daresay bits of it will be worth reading...


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